Lyuda Kalinichenko. 500 meters online

Garbage is one of the signs of mankind existence. It is a trace left by human activities in real life and in virtual space.
We spend 70% of our life surfing online, combining it with meals. We scroll through the news feed while eating breakfast, send emails while having dinner, watch movies online chewing them with popcorn and Cola. Household waste becomes a result of such activity.
For more than a year I've been documenting rubbish left after my online activities. Once it becomes a photograph it loses materiality and becomes digital. By printing images of trash, I objectify it again, thus building a corridor between the real and virtual space.
Time spent online is being materialized by incorporating pictures of rubbish into a natural landscape, where a 500 meter long stream of images is equivalent to a year of my online activity. A website with photos of previously captured trash is a digital analogue of the installation. A countdown of online time takes place while scrolling the page.
The installation placed in the landscape reflects the output of virtuality into reality through physiological needs of my body. In its web version the opposite process occurs – our real time is being digitized.