Natasha Golub. Overcoming

The fashion industry created a world of unattainable ideals, in which the consumers, through photography, thrive to find a new image for themselves. As a result, almost everyone experiences this – a kind of a framework that interferes with the freedom of thought and life. The question is, is it possible to overcome? I take the place of a model to overcome the position of the photographer who, with the help of a camera and a captured image, creates this unattainable ideal. And as a heroine I'm living through those obstacles and stereotypes that stand on the way to perfection. It is a fantasy of myself in a specific role constructed from observations when photographing models. In an attempt to get rid of the conventions of commercial photography, I shoot with the phone, trying to get away from the glitter that is part of glossy pictures. Living through it, I overcome – this is my way of fighting what is at the same time inside of me, the one who makes and consumes the coveted image.