Anastasia Bespalova. You are too good

Ironing a shirt without a single crease is a hard task. You must iron it in the right order, first you do the collar, then cuffs and sleeves, then the placket and finally the back. The main rule is to iron small details first, then the bigger ones. The iron gives away its warmth. The fabric takes the warmth, it smoothes and gets its best look. The iron causes good.

The iron slows down. It gives away too much warmth. The fabric is sensitive. The first burn mark appears on it.

How not to miss the moment when kindness gets so big that it turns into its opposite and leads to a trauma?

There is a mysteriuos natural phenomenon called «the spiral of death». Several ants, hard-working clever insects, suddenly begin running in a vicious circle, involving the whole anthill into that endless action. They can't stop and continue running until they drop dead, covering the ground with their breathless tiny bodies. The whole anthill dies. Only some species have the will to escape from the death cycle and lead away some of the survivors.

When is the right time to stop?

To avoid distortion or stretching while ironing large details, you should move the iron along the lengthwise thread. You also shouldn't leave the iron at the same spot for too long and press it too hard to the surface of the fabric.

The shirt is ironed perfectly. You acheived the aim. But at the same time the shirt is of no use (as any piece of art) and stays hanging on the wall.

With a subtle motion of the hand the shirt turns into... a photograph.