Ksenia Shafronenko. Cat unknown

Ksenia Shafronenko
This is my hand. This is my cat.
This is my hand. This is my cat.
The cat licks, sniffs, bites the hand. The cat leaves scratches.
The hand caresses the cat. The cat controls the hand.
He thinks I'm a sister-cat. He plays with me, as with kittens in his childhood.
He thinks I'm a mother-cat. Because I feed him. As a kitten, he was biting his mother-cat.
Should I start slightly biting him?
The cat is bored with my caresses. Bite means doubt.
My caresses are not always in time. Bite means refusal.
He likes my caresses. A bite expresses love.
The most important difference between the language of animals and the human language is the lack of semantic function. Zoosemiotics believes that cats can learn to understand our language.
But the best results can be achieved by specially trained primates.
We observe the interaction of two radically different creatures. The understanding between them is difficult. The photo directly records what is happening. Hides nothing. Allows us to observe different stages of the process. But is the bite a kind of kiss?
In everyday experience we rely a lot on the visual mode of perception. We tend to believe our eyes. The photo serves as a confirmation of what happened. But is it able to give an understanding? The question about the kiss will not be answered neither by the cat nor by the photograph.
According to Susan Sontag, the photos do not explain anything, but they are an inexhaustible source of deduction, speculation and fantasy.