Anna Prilutskaya. Without unnecessary body movements

While I'm writing this text, the girls spin around in never-ending gestures. These are the frozen positions of the bodies, the remnants of words on the lips, it is the constant action but without any development. The whole construction of the photos is suspended in a link and cannot escape from its muteness. The pictures have fixed themselves in silence, defeating the word, appropriating the dumb mouth. The viewer has no way out, no particular solution, can only look at the loop at any moment or close the browser window. On the one hand, this link is like a trap: the photos have fallen into the loop of insolvability, drawing in the viewer. On the other hand, it is a clear silence and a fixed position where the gaze is guided by the order of the images. The photos are circulating while I'm writing this text, hiding the final gesture or not bringing the action to an end.